OpenDyslexic, A Free Dyslexia Font

OpenDyslexic, A Free Dyslexia Font

I find dyslexia fonts fascinating. I would love to use them, not because I have dyslexia, but because in making the fonts readable for those with dyslexia, the fonts are made very pleasant and readable to others. Unfortunately, many of these have restrictions, or are not affordable for an individual. I am making an alternative: OpenDyslexic. If you have a modern browser, you can see it is the default font for this website.

OpenDyslexic is a free as in beer open source font. It is based on Bitstream Vera Sans, and licensed under a CC license. Even though this font has a way to go, you can download it and use it today. You can use it as a system font. You can use it on your website. You can use @font-face. You don’t have to try to keep it from others. You can package it with an ebook reader. Just make sure to give credit where credit is due. :) If you are using this font and would like to share how, leave a comment below, or using the contact flyout contact form to the left. I’d love to hear how this is being used.

Download OpenDyslexic!(windows, mac, linux, and everywhere .ttf’s are used), now on dafont!

If you enjoy using this font and would like to donate (so I can work on it more without burning out. :) ), you can donate here:

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–Update: Moving all project files over to to help consolidate all my work. Fonts, ebooks, how-to’s, etc available there.