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image of the app Hai! on a variety of devices

Hai! is still in development. It's a fun and adorable Mastodon client that shows posts and content in wonderful and stylized ways. It is currently in TestFlight beta testing, and will have unique features including user generated themes, custom backgrounds, cross platform support, and scripting support. It will be released on the iOS App Store, and on Android through FDroid. Current status of the project can be viewed at


image of SculptCMS

SculptCMS is a free, flat-file CMS designed for straight-forward usage. There is no special markup, and no extra steps. Simply drop your markdown files into the content/pages directory to begin. The page title is the file title. Sculpt is compatible with Markdown Extra.

SculptCMS was written during a vacation, and is the finalizing of the custom CMS I use on side projects. This website has been created in SculptCMS.


image of Overlays!

If you are anything like me, sometimes you need to follow a line of text in a book with a bookmark or index card. Sometimes, you can even find a colored overlay to help you keep your focus while reading.

Try to use a bookmark on your monitor and it's awkward. Until now. Overlays! displays a translucent bar on your screen that's controlled by the mouse.

Use to help with reading, or sometimes to help following large tables and lists of data. Battle the wall of text, eyestrain and distractions with this on screen overlay to help you keep your place! Read More


image of openWeb on an iPad Your default iOS Safari web browser is not customizable. And when you want to use a font or style designed for accessibility, this creates a problem.

The openWeb browser is a browser that helps solve that problem by giving the internet a more readable style on your iPhone and iPad.

RRBI Silver Wallet

image of RRBI Silver Wallet Have a drawer full of change and think it's worth more than face value? Need to know how much pure silver is in a bag of old change? This application gets the current spot price of silver and lets you find the value of a combination of change (American). You'd be surprised at how much your change may be worth. Spot Silver value is live.

Junk Silver (webOS)

image of Junk Silver app


image of iSword app A Bible web app I wrote for the iPhone back before the Apple App Store. It uses Diatheke as a back-end, and allows you to click/tap on words for definitions. It offers several translations, including Greek. (formerly iPhone Bible, Bible for iPhone, PocketSword).