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Summit Healthcare Support

A migration from it's previous SharePoint based site to Drupal, with a custom theme matching the company. Animated actions feedback and navigation hints, parallax scrolling on the splash screen. Was integrated with HelpSpot, Flexera, and other company services. image of Sharon Acupuncture and Wellness

Sharon Acupuncture & Wellness

Created using what would later become SculptCMS.

image of Sharon Acupuncture and Wellness


OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed to help with some symptoms of Dyslexia. It is being continually updated with recommendations from others. Find out more:

image of OpenDyslexic

Distress Signal

Recreate and Modernize the concept of 911. A simple way to announce an emergency publicly or to a personal network of friends while optionally calling 911 also. Visit for more information.

image of Distress Signal


WordPress theme design image of AKA Mom

The Wedding Vocalist

image of The Wedding Vocalist Website

Liberty Picture Frames

Created a dynamically generated list of picture frames, and a PayPal shopping cart based on an existing site.

image of Liberty Picture Frames


image of TozCash

This was an experimental community currency. The idea was to have a local currency backed by both US dollars and silver bullion, and allow the notes to be traded for either at any time.

It was ultimately discontinued due to the costs of printing, security, and the skyrocketing cost of obtaining the silver at the time.

The project involved research into anti-counterfeiting and accessible design, printing and market research.